Hotel Millefiori - Sèn Jan di Fassa

Loc. Vallonga
38039 Sèn Jan di Fassa (TN)

+39 0462 769000
p.I.V.A. 01386610222
+39 0462 769000
Cod. Sdi M5UXCR1

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The Sounds of the Dolomites is a unique event which brings musicians from across the world to the most beautiful mountains in the Alps. The idea is simple and at the same time fascinating: to combine the passion for music and the mountains, art and the environment, in a concert programme celebrating freedom and nature. Participants set off from the valley floor and head for clearings and hollows near the mountain refuges, natural theatres in which the music is performed in complete harmony with the surroundings.
In time, what had initially been only afternoon programmes have filled out to the extent that there are now dawn events. This is almost a festival within the festival, allowing encounters with artists, actors and thinkers who use those singular moments of high-mountain twilight just before dawn as a backdrop for performances, recitals and monologues.
The Festival features internationally renowned artists who, instruments on their shoulders, display their shared regard for the environment by joining the public in walking to the concert venues, on what is both an art and a nature trail.

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